Research Topic

Resilient and Sustainable

Infrastructure is being stressed from various sources -- high demand, unreliable supply, extreme weather, accidents. Traditionally, infrastructure planners design with very little reserve in order to keep costs low. However, there is a growing interest in designing systems with resilience and sustainability as an equally important goal.

We are working on developing new power flow models for optimally using demand response programs to prevent grid instability in the face of uncertain supply from renewable sources such as wind and solar power. We are also developing pricing and control algorithms for growing solar micro-grids in rural Africa, where one can leverage customers' flexibility to construct smaller, smarter and more reliable systems.

Another project that we are excited about involves optimizing the public health infrastructure to problems such as alcohol related violence, obesity. In situations where system operators have to deal with faulty unobservable legacy infrastructure, we also explore methods that use the system's available information to pinpoint non-functioning components.